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لوحة المفاتيح العربيةلنجعل حياتك اليومية أسهل
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تعريب الأحرف اللاتنية transliteration (مشغل)
a b t c j 7 5 d d' r z s ch S D
T Z 3 3' f q k l m n h o y 2
a' I e H o' i' ee

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
a= i= o= an= in= on=

Arabic special characters :

ُ َ ِ ٌ ً ٍ ڭ پ ڤ ڨ
=o =a =i =on =an =in

Purpose of keyboard

The keyboard Arabic Site allow you to goal for write texts in Arabic with or without keyboard.

Using the keyboard

The application of virtual Keyboard Arabic is at your service if you want to write in Arabic and without easily with or without physical keyboard you souffira click with your mouse or using your keyboard ocidental write in Arabic . Use your keyboard French or English by typing dirrectement and the application will automatically transform your words and phrases grace Arab character of the tool integrate transletirisation.

write Arabic texts with Arabic keyboard

Arabic Keyboard (Clavier Arab) is as multilingual virtual keyboard on your screen. To enter text, you can either use the mouse or a light pen is very easy! If you are unable to use a conventional keyboard, this program will revolutionize your work. The application is also able to provide an optimal level of protection through the use of passwords, for example.


Arabic keyboard
Arabic keyboard (French) 2.4.102/11/2016

Arabic keyboard (German) 2.4.102/11/2016

Arabic keyboard (Spanish) 2.4.102/11/2016

About the virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboards are commonly used as a method to input devices in no physical keyboard, where there is no room for one, as a handheld computer, a personal digital assistant (PDA) screen computer tablet or mobile phone with touch screen. It is common that the user can enter text by tapping a built-in device operating system virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboards are also used as features of emulation software for systems that have fewer buttons than a computer keyboard would.

On a desktop PC, one purpose of a virtual keyboard is to provide an alternative entrance for disabled users who can not use or do not have access to a keyboard mechanism physics. Another major use for an on-screen keyboard is for bi-or multilingual users who often pass between the different sets of alphabets or character, which can be confusing over time. Although hardware keyboards are available with double keyboard configurations (eg, Cyrillic / Latin letters in different national settings), the onscreen keyboard provides a handy substitute while working at different stations or on laptops which rarely come with two models.

An optical virtual keyboard was invented and patented by IBM engineers in 2008.It optically and analysis of human hand movements and finger detects and interprets them as operations on a physically non-existent input device like a surface having painted keys. In this way it allows to emulate unlimited types of manually operated input such as a mouse or keyboard devices. All mechanical input units can be replaced by such virtual devices, optimized for the current application and physiology of the user to maintain the speed, simplicity and unambiguity of manual data entry.

Virtual keyboards can be categorized by the following:
Physical keyboards with distinct keys comprising electronically variable displays embedded in keyboards Virtual keyboards with the provisions of keyboard on the touch screen or detection zones Provisions of optically projected keyboard or similar provisions of "key" or detection zones Hand movements and optically detected human fingers Virtual keyboards allow for the input of a variety of input devices such as a computer mouse, switch or other device assistive technology.

On the Internet, various JavaScript virtual keyboards have been created, allowing users to type their own languages ​​on foreign keyboards, especially in Internet cafes. Multitouch screens allow the possibility of creating virtual keyboards for tablet computers chorded, touchscreens, keyboards and wired gloves

On the Arab people

Arab branch of the Semitic peoples are mainly concentrated in the Arab, Asian and African world, as well as the east coast of Africa and minorities in Iran, Turkey and the countries of destination, and one of them is determined by Arab media either ethnic or linguistic or cultural significance. Arab policy is a person in his Arab father and English native. There are a considerable number of Arab minorities in the Americas and Europe, Iran and Turkey.

According to the Abrahamic traditions attributed the Prophet Ismail Arabs, according to some reviewers and Alnsabin Arabs express both what can not be Athbathma in a historical perspective. In the story, the earliest mention of the Arab Parliamentary save Assyrian text from the ninth century BC, according to the theory of the majority of researchers, it means that the people of the desert, in the Assyrian language and a number other Semitic languages. Badia in question is visible in the southern Levant and the Fertile Crescent extended to include the word in the Arabian Peninsula as a whole, and who have been invited since Greek times as Arabic (Latin: Arabia), the meaning Arab countries .

Alternative theory says that the Arabs Name consciousness of people in nomadic and urban areas do not snowshoe tribes, but in all cases, the oldest non-migratory urban Arab kingdom is the kingdom of Kinda in the second century BC, in reference to the fact that the civilization of ancient Yemen, agricultural and non-migratory mainly been classified as an independent Semitic civilization, or finger his special sub-classification is south Arabic . During intellectual prosperity Abbasid era, the end of the calendar of the emergence of the term, said means Arab Dictionaries are desert people, and people claim desert Arbab.

Arab historians designer or even days of the current division of the history of the Arabs into two parts, before Islam and called ignorance, and after Islam, which allows the Arabs to rule a vast empire and a flourishing civilization, especially in the Umayyad era - whether Damascus or Andalusia - and the Abbasid era - especially the Abbasid era, the first and Hadharth Baghdad - models produced sovereignty civilized rich and Tmazjt with other peoples espoused Islam and spread Alastarab not the most important regions of the Fertile Crescent and the north and center of the Nile valley, and the Maghreb, and the marsh, and to a lesser extent the coast the Horn of Africa, known for the regions of the Arab world, and return to the stage of the Arab Renaissance to the nineteenth century, the emergence of the characteristics of contemporary Arab identity.

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